I just realized I haven't put up any new pictures in a real long time. I've been busy! Here are a few highlights from the past year.
The lost, er... last year
Opening for Heart in Honolulu (photo by Terri Lathrop)
Me and my best friend, Nancy Wilson
This guy was playing an old Hofner on the streets of Edinburgh. And singing beautifully, too!
I pulled these fans onstage in Edinburgh and they were stoked!
Tony’s got something in his eye
Jefferson Starship UK! L to R, Chris Smith -keys, Tony Morley -drums, Jeff Pevar -lead gtr, David Freiberg -vocals, acoustic gtr, Paul Kantner -vocals, 12 string gtr, CR -silly goose
Backstage with the fans in Bedford, UK
Choney and Jeff having a yuk
We flew straight from London to this gig in MA
Cathy and Chrish clowning about
Cathy and Donny Baldwin, supermodels
My old bud Joe Lynn Turner in Cary, NC
two great keyboardists, no waiting!蠔(Tom Constanten and Chris Smith)
The crowd in Cary pretends to like us
Cath and old pals Suzanne and Dennis DeYoung
triiiipppyyyy, man
Conducting mad experiments, no doubt
I lost this awesome jacket in Italy
On the BBC, bitches!
This Scottish animal was trying to kill me
I wore this shirt to taunt the English fans
Fans gave me candy in Japan
and I played the drums every night
There is only one tanning booth for me
Tom Finch, great Bay Area guitarist with Big Brother at soundcheck for the first Heroes of Woodstock show
Chrish imagines all the seats full of nude ladies
Snorky, JS Stage Manager extraordinaire with rock legend Sam Andrew
David Freiberg loves you.
Three fierce ladies: Jeordie, Melanie and Cathy
on the set of Chicago Tonight
Catch a rising starship!
breaking the hearts of the PBS viewing audience with Things are Different